Red Lighthouse Investment Management (Red Lighthouse) is an independent, fee-only, SEC-registered investment advisory firm based in New York City.  Our mission is to help our clients build and preserve wealth.  We provide you with a broadly diversified portfolio customized to your needs.  We focus on asset allocation, providing structured portfolio management.  Within each asset class, we primarily use index funds and other “passive” products.

Red Lighthouse constructs portfolios to match your unique risk tolerance, financial objectives, and individual requirements.  Our use of low-fee, tax-efficient funds better enables you to meet your financial goals.  Once your investment policy is established, we are disciplined about rebalancing, to avoid the trap of buying high and selling low. 

We take a comprehensive, long-term view of your financial goals and resources, taking into account retirement needs, your unique tax

situation, your estate plans and insurance requirements. We coordinate with your expert advisors: estate attorneys, tax advisors, and insurance specialists to ensure all aspects of your wealth plan are implemented

and maintained.

Our services seek to avoid any conflicts of interest.

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